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Revamp 05: Evolution!

Too much BL and Suikoden warnings ahead!

Doujinshis to get rid of

Some stuff you need to know.

- Some of the doujinshi have yaoi content. Anything marked Yaoi means it has Blatant yaoi.. not kissing or hugging or implied... BLATANT. Meaning that there is an actual... uuh.. scene. So read the warnings....
- Those marked in red cannot be sold to individuals under 18 years old. Sorry...
- Prices differ because of the amount I had to pay to acquire some of these, so I'm averaging it from those prices. (Though I got most of them for about 20 dollars each from conventions... ~_~;; )
- Prices are all in USD
- Payment can be PAYPAL (no CC) or Valid Money Order
- Leave a Comment first and state which you're interested in, then e-mail me your payment method and address so I can give you the full price with the shipping.

Gensosuikoden Doujinshi - Image heavyCollapse )

Figures to get rid of...

SuikodenCollapse )

Tales of the AbyssCollapse )

Payment Methods are:
Paypal (no cc payments though)
Money Order

Comment on what you're interested to take, then send me an e-mail at true.wind.seraph[at]gmail[dot]com after I confirm that the items have been put aside to you. I'll also send you the shipping costs at that time, which shouldn't be too much since these boxes are light.

I've yet to go through my doujinshi pile... so we'll see what we can get rid of from there. I have a number of normal doujins and oddly enough... Hero1xHero2 doujins.... For now... feel free to link this to people who you think might be interested? Not f-locked for once? gasp! Any help would be appreciated since I want to get rid of stuff that's not being displayed in my room.. ;_;

Letter Meme of fun! :3

Stolens from futomimii!!!

Leave a list of fictional characters in your journal that you would love to get a message from. It is your friend-list's mission, should they choose to accept it, to write you an in-character "letter" from a character on that list. Then they post their own list in their journal and the process continues! (Feel free to post anonymously too.)

(Oooh man.. let's start with all the suikoden people XD)

1. Luc
2. Sasarai
3. Nash
4. Tir McDohl
5. ROY
6. Hugo
7. Luca Blight
8. Faroush Falenas
9. Riya Narukawa (Il Gatto Sul G)
10. Atsushi Ikeda (Il Gatto Sul G)
11. Allen Walker (D. Grayman)
12. Haruhi Suzumiya (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
13. Kyon (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
14. Axel (KH2)
15. Demyx (KH2)
16. Zexion (KH CoM)
17. Sora (KH)
18. Ayame Sohma (Fruits Basket)
19. Albel Nox (SO3 - hope I spelled his name right..)
20. Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Summer Contest Last Announcement

19 of expected 19 is iiin... I will print them today and read them tomorrow. There's still until 12am pst of the 26th to hit for the due date to officially end. :3 Thank yee to the people who entered my random fanfic contest~!

Concerning... the contest.... O_o;;

Er... Hi spammed e-mail account?

I planned to read the entries on Monday since I hopefully won't have to work or cover for anyone, but er.... XD;; I also got some e-mail requests for an extension...? Umm.. Well I won't get another break until the tuesday after the one coming up so... How about July 25th? X_x;; I'm really busy cause I have to make up for the long vacation I took... I won't be able to decide on winners until the first week of August.

But wow... I didn't expect that at all. o_o; THANK YOU SO MUCH!! <3 I probably will be ODing again on that fandom at the end of the month. XD

*refrains from squeeing happily*

A 10 page thing is still open for my summer doujin... =x So if I do really REALLY love something in the pile, I may beg the person who wrote it to give me permission to draw it into those 10 pages....

I still need to decide on my cover. XD;; oh dear...

none fangirly post ensues

Hai hai. So due date for the seasonal fanfiction thing yet again is July 16, 12am EST~ Waaai~

Details again is here

And just as previously requested from a few e-mails, I will make a full traditional media or CG commission as an option for the prizes. the Two honorable mentions can request sketches in exchange. If the person does ask for a sketch or a full trad, I will be sending the original to the person who wins the requests.

After this is done, I'll start a poll with the gang and ask them which fandom to attack next for another contest for fall. I'll put up a poll here to or something. Anywhoo~ I know Karunee has done advertising for this too and so has Dei-chan and a few others from IRC~~ <3 Thankies to you bunch.

Fanfiction contest issued finally.

C/Ped mostly from my DA Account.

the gory detailsCollapse )

Public post, so feel free to advertise to anyone interested or anyone who I'd give a crap about? whee~
Poll #720279 I need a bloody name dammit

I have the Prince from Suiko V in one of my RPs but I haven't touched him since he got approved. I need a temporary name. Which one would suite him best?

Heru - Sun God (Egyptian)
Khnurn - Mythical Reborn Sun (Egyptian)
Kira - Suggested by dominant_soul
Helios suggested by seraphjewel
Akira - suggested by ... seraphjewel's brother? O_o
Haru - Spring
Just name him the same as your default in the game, moron
No. Temp Names = bad
Can I suggest?

You can suggest, then suggest. Just be sure to tell me what the name means if you can?

Here's why I plan to use a temp name. I want to use the real name of the prince when they release it in Japan... which might not even happen until next year the earliest. So for the time being, I'll let him go to Ergheiz with a temporary name. His excuse would be... well... Who'd want to go to school as "THE PRINCE"? He'd be bullied for being a sissy. He already looks like a total girl right? Well.. if you have a better idea... comment and suggest please. I'd love and appreciate the help

Sounds plausible.
... I like monkeys.